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       Your Local Grocer Since 1972
and the home of  Award Winning 
Alpine Boy Homemade Sausage
219 N. Main St., Monticello, Wisconsin
 Customer Service  608-938-4927
Direct to The Deli  608-938-DELI (3354)


7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday - Friday
7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday - Sunday


7am - Noon

Prices good Monday April 14 thru Sunday April 20

Alpine Boy Pizza Menu              Alpine Boy Sub Sandwich Menu

This Week's Daily Lunch Features

**For a complete listing of each day's selections, please see our

Facebook posts

or call 608-938-DELI**


Ken's Homemade Ham Balls


Salisbury Steak & Mashed Potatoes


Chicken Breasts w/Wild Rice

*Every Thursday*

Roast Turkey and Homestyle Stuffing

*Every Friday*

Beer Battered Broasted Cod Fillets

and Broasted Potato Wedges


Gempeler's Supermarket is...

*Nutrition Site Menu may vary from the above*


Don't miss our 



Broasted Cod

- original or beer battered - 

with fries or broasted potato wedges, 

coleslaw & dinner roll

Deli selections

available every day - 

broasted chicken, 

burgers & fries, 

homemade chili and soup,

our own Alpine Boy pizza,

cheese bread,

made-to-order sub sandwiches,

and much more! 

To find out what's cookin' 
call 608-938-DELI

Gempeler's Smokehouse
Special of the Week

Our Very Own Alpine Boy Brand

Jalapeño Snack Sticks

10 oz. pkg.


This Week's Deli Specials

Our Very Own Alpine Boy Brand
Sandwich Spread
Great on Crackers!
$3.29 lb.


Butterkase 8oz
Edelweiss Creamery


"Butter Cheese," with delicate flavor and butter-like texture
Made right here in rural Monticello
$4.99 lb.

Try our other Alpine Boy specialties, too! A
ll made on site.

Our Award Winning

* Kalberwurst *

Old World Swiss style Veal Sausage 

This product is not smoked.


at our 

Full Service Fresh Meat Counter 

or in our Frozen Meats section

our Award Winning

* German Slicing Bologna *

*Veal Loaf *

Both available in

 our Full Service Deli 


our Award Winning

* Beef Jerky & Snack Sticks *

Regular & Bite-Size Snack Sticks are available in 

a variety of flavors



* Bratwurst *

Great on the Grill!

Available in several flavors:

Veal, Wisconsin Style, Italian, Pizza, Smoked, Cheddar


* Landjaegers *
Traditional Swiss style beef sticks, sold in pairs


* Summer Sausage Logs *

mild, garlic or cranberry


 * Ring Bologna 

Fine & Coarse Grind in a variety of flavors

"Alles schmeckt sehr gut!"

(Everything tastes great!)