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Bicyclists & Tourists


If you’re cycling or hiking the Sugar River State Trail or Badger State Trail, Monticello is the perfect place for a rest stop! Exit either trail at Lake Avenue, head west a few blocks to Main Street and turn right (north). Gempeler’s is at 219 North Main Street, in the heart of downtown Monticello.

Stop in for lunch or a snack...

  • Ice Cold Beverages – Soft Serve Ice Cream Treats

  • Pizza – Sub Sandwiches – Burgers

  • Broasted Chicken – Hot Casseroles – Deli Salads

  • Salad Bar – Fresh Fruit – Protein Bars & Snacks

Limited seating is available …and take home some delicious locally made treats!

Our own Award-Winning Alpine Boy Brand of Bratwurst, Kalberwurst (Swiss style veal sausage), Natural Casing Wieners, Ring Bologna, Slicing Bologna, Ring Liver Sausage & Braunschweiger, Log Summer Sausage, Beef Snack Sticks, Jerky, and Old World Swiss Style Landjaegers.

We also stock…

  • A Wide Variety of Green County Cheeses.

  • Locally Crafted Beer and Wine.